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Please accept my warmest greetings. We are Asset Electric Corp – your one stop electrical corporation! You’re probably here because something in your home’s electrical system has gone wrong and you’re looking for an electrician in Brooklyn NY. In this case, you should contact our licensed electrician department and stop what you’re doing.

Brooklyn NY Electrician is what we strive for every day and we believe we deserve to be called the best. We have worked in this industry for some time and we are determined to continue until we have solved each and every client’s problem. We have outlined some of the solutions we provide below.

24/7 Emergency Electrician in Dumbo, Brooklyn, NY

Prices that are reasonable

Among the electricians in Brooklyn, we are aware of one or two who charge excessive fees. Despite this, we consider ourselves capable of providing our clients with cost-effective electrician services. It is our goal to minimize the costs on our end so that we can provide the client with the most cost-effective service we can offer.

In addition, we are delighted to offer free quotes to our clients. This is a legally binding offer. Therefore, the price cannot be altered in the future. In the long run, we’ll charge you the price we quote you now.

Transparency is one of our company’s core values and we honestly want to make sure that our services are affordable to you! Our Brooklyn offices are able to provide you with a free quote or information on costs right away. Our staff is always available to answer project costs questions.

Availability of references

Lastly, you are welcome to request references from our company for free. For more information about our contractors in Brooklyn, just give us a call. While our background is impeccable, and our hourly rates are more than reasonable, we are aware of our impeccable reputation. We have attempted to provide the best possible experience to our clients. The reputation we have earned is well deserved.

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With a qualified, experienced, and certified electrician who has assisted countless Dumbo Brooklyn residents before, we are confident we can do the same for you. Our lighting protection services or other offerings can be referenced as many times as you need. Our past clients will tell great things about our local electricians and give us a great recommendation.

You are welcome to ask for free references concerning our electrical contracting services if you wish to have the greatest level of peace of mind. You can rely on our certified electricians in Brooklyn, regardless of whether you live in or near Brooklyn.

Employees who are the safest

Most companies are going to hire anyone at the end of the day. Some companies will even hire electricians who have little to no experience if that is what they want. However, we do not hire electricians with little or no experience. Our goal is to be the best Brooklyn NY electrician, which is why we employ only the most qualified employees to work on electrical wires.

For electrical installation and repair in Dumbo, Brooklyn, our company has done our best to employ the most qualified and safest employees possible. Our electricians along with us near Brooklyn, NY will work on your lighting repair and installation jobs with utmost efficiency, so you can count on working with a great company.

Some Useful Electric FAQ's

Turnaround time as quick as possible

Your electrical problems are going to be handled by experienced, qualified technicians. Workers are screened for drugs and background checks. This gives us the option of hiring the best possible technician.

Moreover, we provide extensive training to our workers. Our goal is to provide the best service in Brooklyn. We are confident we will be able to surpass anyone else in the area.

Whether you need appliance repair or a switch outlet installed, you can expect the fastest turnaround from our company in Dumbo, Brooklyn. We have some excellent electrical service companies, but our company is different. Our representatives are located all over the borough. This allows us to reach you much faster than any other company. Please contact us when you are ready to take on the problem at hand. In order to fix the problem, we will dispatch a technician to your residence as soon as possible. You can count on us not to stop until your issue has been resolved and you are satisfied.
Written contracts are available from us

You have a responsibility to protect every investment you make in public services, whether it’s low voltage assistance or recessed lighting installation and repair.

We as licensed electrical contractors have a responsibility to protect our customers and ourselves from fraud. The reason we never take on a project without writing a contract is to protect ourselves from fraud.

Upon accepting our offer to do the work for you, we will start drafting the contract immediately. All the details of the job, the materials needed, the total cost, and other important information will be included in this contract.

You must sign it along with a senior member of our staff before it becomes legal. An original copy of the contract will be given to you then.

Our mission is to serve everyone

We are happy to serve everyone who lives in Brooklyn. Residential and commercial customers can count on us for electrical work. We’re certain to be able to solve whatever problem you’re facing.

No matter how complex or large the task may be, we are well equipped for it. No matter how complex or large the task may be, we are well equipped for it. Your unique problem will be addressed diligently by our team.

Among our services are the following:

We adjust our schedules to fit yours

Our team understands that everyone has certain schedules they must adhere to. In addition to your family, we understand the need to work around your schedule.

For any reason, we will make sure a team of electricians is available if you need us after hours or during the weekend.

Our employees value their time with their families, so we ask you to give us enough time to organize the team.

Furthermore, we are willing to go beyond what is expected to ensure that the job is completed correctly the first time around.

We are committed to fulfilling your wishes

The last thing you need to know is that our company will be fulfilling your needs. Simply give us your verbal instructions. Upon receiving your submission, we will review them and take action as soon as possible. If you have any special instructions or orders, we will follow them.

We provide electrical repair services for a variety of reasons

We encourage you to contact us for a quote if you are looking for a Dumbo  electrician. Our services are well worth the minimal cost for which they are provided.

There is no company that can match our level of professionalism and experience. Moreover, you can count on us to always be truthful.

You will receive the best treatment from our company, and we will resolve the problem promptly. When you work with us, you are able to reduce risks and resolve issues quickly.

  • For your next electrical project, you will find our prices to be competitive.
  • Get a no-obligation quote.
  • All customers receive free references without obligation.
  • Contact us whenever is convenient for you.
  • We’re happy to comply with any special instructions you give us.
  • Your investment is protected by our satisfaction guarantee.
  • Our insurance covers our clients, their properties, and their possessions.
  • We will remove all the risks associated with the image.

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