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What is an electrical panel?

First, we start by understanding what an electrical panel means; it is sometimes called a load center, distribution board, main switch, or breaker panel. It is a service box that takes electricity into the house and then distributes the electrical current to various circuits in the house. The electrical current, which is distributed in different circuits, is then protected by a circuit breaker / fuse. Each circuit breaker trips on overload, so the electrical panel's job is to regulate the current load in your home and keep your home safe and comfortable.

Do I need to upgrade my electrical panel?

The answer to this question is yes. In most cases, people assume that when they buy a house, the electrical panel will last as long as the house. This is not necessarily true for the following reasons:

– The connection is weakening over time.
– Prolonged use may affect performance. In damp places, the board may rust or rust.
– Dust build-up can also shorten the service life.

– The typical service life of an electrical panel is 25-40 years. When he is much older than this age, it is necessary to update the electrical panel. By performing proper maintenance and repairing the electrical panel when a fault is found, you will most likely be able to increase the life of your load center.

Replacing an Electrical Panel

Required checkboxes when thinking about repairing or replacing an electrical panel:

Homes over 20 years old – these homes still operate at a lower current (60-100 amps); these days newer homes run on a higher current (200 amps). This is because the demand for energy in modern appliances is now higher. This means that in such a situation, an update must be performed.

Heat – When you touch the panel and it is warm under your hands, it is a sign of overload or improper installation.

Strange Odor – If it smells like burning, it could be a sign that the wire is not properly connected or something else.

Frequent Firing – If it constantly fires, it must be replaced at this stage.

Flickering Lights – If your light flickers most of the time, especially when using other devices, this could be a sign of some loosening of the connection.


How to Replace an Electrical Panel

Appliance Upgrades – If you are upgrading your home with new appliances, you need to make sure the panel can handle the load. Can be replaced if necessary. – If your light flickers frequently, especially when you are using other devices, this could be a sign of some loosening of the connection.

How to replace an electrical panel

Frequently asked question: “Who should perform the panel replacement task?” You must call a qualified electrician to do this for you.

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You are in the right place!

Here on the Asset Electric Corp Team, there are well trained and licensed electricians who can help with the installation of the electrical panel. They provide services to both commercial and residential properties in the New York area.

How much does it cost to upgrade a panel?
The price usually varies, but depends on some factors:

Project scope

Project scope – requirements affect the price. For example, the cost of replacing an old panel with a newer one will differ from the cost of installing a small auxiliary panel.


Conditions – the condition of the site also affects the price.

But in general, our prices are always convenient and economical.

So, if you suddenly run into problems with an electrical switch, contact us immediately. We offer emergency electrical services every day.

Call Asset electrician service today to have your home electrical equipment inspected. Trust us now and you won’t be disappointed!