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Are you tired of seeing your electric bills rise every month?

Have you invested in eco friendly appliances, but aren’t seeing a decline in the amount of overall energy usage? Getting professional power consumption meters installation in New York can help put you back in control of your property’s power system.

The experts at Asset Electric Corp provide commercial and residential electrical services in New York and other nearby communities.

Our licensed and insured electricians in New York proudly offer power consumption meter repair and power consumption meters replacement in New York area cities as well. If you’re looking for a highly trained, experienced electrician, then contact our office today and schedule your next appointment.

The Benefits of Power Consumption Meters Installation in New York?

In today’s world, the majority of households rely on a massive amount of high tech devices. From power hungry kitchen appliances to energy draining TV’s and computers, our homes are often full of technologies that demand a lot of electricity.

It can be difficult to find out which items are responsible for your expensive utility costs, and which ones are running economically. Many people invest thousands of dollars replacing their ovens, refrigerators and hot water heaters with modern units in an attempt to lower their monthly expenses.

Unfortunately, you may be throwing money down the drain if you aren’t sure which appliances are really causing the spike on your electric bill.


Quality Power Consumption Meters Replacement in New York

When you install a power consumption meter, you’ll know exactly how much energy you’re using throughout your entire home. Today’s meters are smarter than ever before, and many models are connected to an app that can be monitored remotely with your phone, tablet or computer.

You’ll be able to see which devices are consuming energy in real time, so you can make informed decisions about future purchases or change lifestyle habits that are consuming an excessive amount of electricity. A licensed electrician can install the device in your panel box, providing a safe and secure way to keep track of your power usage.

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