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What exactly is an electrical panel?

The electrical panel simply supply electricity to an equipment, and through the panel electricity from external sources are supplied into your equipment, and from this panel, power is distributed to other smaller units. For this reason, an efficient panel will contribute to the safety of all appliances using electricity at your commercial premise or home.

There are lots of establishments still operating with insufficient wiring for the supply of electricity to their equipment when they can actually get Commercial Electrical Panel Upgrades from reputable highly professional commercial electricians from Asset Electric Corp in New York.

Where is the electrical panel located at my commercial place?

Your electrical panel is situated inside that Gray-colored metal box and it is located where it cannot be easily blocked, yet accessible. Just in case you can’t locate the panel when Commercial Electrical Panel Upgrades are about to be carried out, you can check them outside of your commercial premise. If you don’t carry out Commercial Electrical Panel Upgrades in New York, you old can cause problems such as:

– Tripping of breakers even after commercial circuit breaker installation.
– Constant flickering lights.
– Constant melting of electrical wires.
– You may have to turn off one appliance before you use the other.
– Faulty circuit breakers that wouldn’t trip which results in constant shocks, fire accidents, and over-heating.
– Fire and electrical shock dangers to employees and customers.
– To prevent all the problems listed above, you need to call Asset Electric Corp for an effective Commercial Electrical Panel Upgrades in New York.


Commercial Electrical Panel Replacement in NY

The following reasons should also indicate that you need a commercial electrical panel replacement:

– There are cracking sounds emanating from your old panel.
– You have not had a new commercial circuit breaker installation for many years.
– Rusts emanating on the breakers.
– You are forced to use too many extension cords.
– The electrical service conductors are constantly overheating.
– Electrical appliances can’t operate at full powers.
– You are still relying on fuse blocks or split bus panel.
– Your insurance company request that you get a new commercial circuit breaker installation.

Asset Electric Corp  will replace all current wiring according to the required codes, you will be educated on your new wiring systems and functions as well as switches. All existing wires will be replaced or repaired where necessary, during the commercial electrical panel installation.  If necessary, you will get a new power supply or meter during installation of the new panel.