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Planning electrical installation in new property
Planning electrical installation in new property

Asset Electric Corp takes care of our customers with 24/7 electrical services in New York.

When you need emergency electrical services in the NY area, Asset Electric Corp is here to help. Late at night or on the weekend, we’ll send you one of our licensed and insured electricians right away. Don’t put off resolving a dangerous electrical problem or put up with a power outage any longer.

You may have noticed seemingly small issues like flickering lights or the occasionally tripped breaker. Now it seems like your wiring and breakers might be overheated or malfunctioning. Perhaps you got in over your head with DIY home remodeling and accidentally fried some wiring or cut a circuit.

Examples of situations that call for an electrician in New York immediately:

Power outage inside the home (but your neighbors have power);
Overheating or smoking electrical outlets;
Sparks from an outlet or light switch;
Broken circuit breakers;
Buzzing or overheated breaker panel;
Damaged or exposed wiring;
Electrical repairs to keep medical equipment working;
Commercial lighting or security system wiring problems;

As a 24 hour electrician, we provide the electricians New York businesses rely on for electrical repairs and power outages. We also serve other cities in New York. Our skilled technicians work efficiently to get your business back up and running when you need it the most. We provide reliable estimates for completing repairs.

Our technicians also repair telephone wiring, data lines and communication networks. If you need emergency service in New York or the surrounding areas, contact us.


Expert Troubleshooting.

Our emergency electricians repair power systems, lighting, and all types of  electric equipment. We perform troubleshooting on all types of  equipment, machinery and components.. Our skilled professional contractors isolate problems in power systems and identify faulty parts. Our technicians have the tools and experience to fix any electrical problem, no job is too large or small. We have years of experience in inspections of power systems and equipment to determine what type of repairs are needed.

In business for more than 10 years, our contractors know how to get the job done right the first time. Our licensed electricians ensure that repairs are code compliant and safe.