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Residential, Commercial and Industrial Electric Services in Tribeca, Manhattan, NY.

We are committed to providing dependable electrical services in Tribeca, Manhattan.

For almost 30 years, Asset Electric has maintained a commitment to providing Tribeca’s residential and commercial sectors with superior, budget-friendly electrical solutions.

Our team comprises licensed electricians, each bringing years of practical experience. We prioritize ongoing training and stay updated with the latest industry standards and technologies. This approach ensures we can address any electrical need, from older building systems to the latest smart home technologies.

Residential Electric Services

At Asset Electric, we understand that your home’s electrical system is crucial for your comfort and safety. Our residential services are designed to meet all your electrical needs, from installations and upgrades to repairs and maintenance. Whether you live in a historic Tribeca brownstone or a modern high-rise, our team has the skills and expertise to ensure your electrical systems are efficient, safe, and tailored to your lifestyle.

Electrical Installations: We provide complete electrical installation services, including wiring, panel upgrades, and smart home system integrations. Our installations meet the latest safety standards and are designed for optimal efficiency.

Maintenance & Repairs: Regular maintenance is key to the longevity and safety of your electrical systems. Our comprehensive repair services cover everything from fixing minor issues to addressing major faults.

Safety Inspections: Ensuring the electrical safety of your home is our top priority. Our thorough safety inspections identify potential hazards and provide solutions to keep your home safe and compliant with electrical codes.

Lighting Solutions: We offer a range of lighting solutions, including energy-efficient upgrades, outdoor lighting, and custom interior lighting designs. Our team will help you create the perfect ambiance for your home while optimizing energy use.

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Commercial Electric Services

Our team understands the unique electrical needs of businesses, from small retail shops to large corporate offices. We offer a range of services designed to ensure your business’s electrical systems are safe, functional, and optimized for your specific operations.

New Construction Electrical Work: For new commercial buildings or expansions, we provide comprehensive electrical design and installation services. Our team works closely with architects and builders to ensure that the electrical system is efficient, scalable, and meets all regulatory requirements.

Commercial Electrical Upgrades: Upgrading your electrical system can improve safety, efficiency, and the overall functionality of your business space. We specialize in system upgrades, including panel replacements, wiring upgrades, and integrating smart technology solutions.

Energy-Efficient Lighting Systems: Implementing energy-efficient lighting is not only environmentally friendly but also cost-effective for your business. We offer modern lighting solutions, including LED upgrades and automated lighting controls, to enhance your workspace while reducing energy costs.

Regular Maintenance Contracts: Preventive maintenance is key to avoiding unexpected electrical issues and downtime. Our maintenance contracts ensure your electrical systems are regularly inspected, maintained, and updated, keeping them in optimal condition.

Industrial Electric Services

Asset Electric extends its expertise to the industrial sector, providing robust and reliable electrical services tailored to meet the rigorous demands of industrial operations in Tribeca. Our team has the experience and skill to handle the complex electrical needs of various industrial settings, from manufacturing plants to large-scale warehouses.
Heavy Machinery Electrical Support

We specialize in electrical solutions for heavy machinery, ensuring that your equipment runs smoothly and efficiently. Our services include installation, repair, and maintenance of electrical components in all types of industrial machinery.

Plant & Factory Electrical Maintenance

Regular maintenance of your plant’s electrical system is vital for uninterrupted operations. We offer comprehensive maintenance services, including routine checks and emergency repairs, to minimize downtime and maintain productivity.

High-Power Electrical Installations

Our team is equipped to handle high-power installations required in industrial settings. We ensure that these installations meet the highest standards of safety and efficiency, tailored to your facility’s specific power needs.

Safety & Compliance Checks

Safety and compliance are paramount in industrial electrical work. We conduct thorough inspections and safety checks to ensure that your electrical systems adhere to all local and national electrical codes and standards.

Industrial Service Request

To inquire about our industrial electrical services or to schedule a consultation, please fill out our service request form. Provide details about your industrial facility and the electrical services you require. Our team will review your request and contact you to discuss solutions and plan a site assessment.

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