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Planning electrical installation in new property
Planning electrical installation in new property

Asset Electric Corp offers all commercial business owners electric code repairs or corrections in the New York areas.

All electricians in an area need to be knowledgeable of the National Electrical Code guidelines before they take on any home remodeling, repair, or upgrade job. All of our electricians are trained to comply with the National Electric Code when they are completing repairs or upgrades.

Unfortunately, most New York homeowners often overlook the necessity of electrical safety inspections. At best, homeowners invest in  safety inspection only when a fuse has already blown or the electrical switches have already failed to function.


All of our electricians at Asset Electric Corp adhere to the National Electrical Code guidelines, which is a standard for electrical installation, electrical wiring, and appliances in view of the safety specifications to be put into practice.

It addresses safety considerations like voltages, maximum currents, temperature rise, cable specs such as joints, insulations, and several other electrical and mechanical details. Even though it is not a U.S law, numerous state and local authorities, including those in New York, have made the recommendations required.


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It is beneficial for non-technical persons to also be familiar with these requirements. When you are preparing for a brand new installation or alterations, verify whether the electrical contractor you would like to employ convinces you about his adherence to NEC specifications.

The National Electrical Code, often known as the NEC, frequently revises its standards and defines brand new standards of safety. These changes are essential as a result of rapid changes in technology, the introduction of new products, and new research studies. It’s important to keep yourself well-informed about these alterations. The frequency of changes is once every 3 years. All electricians in New York should keep up-to-date with these changes.

You need to cautiously choose an electrical contractor when you are planning a brand new installation. The electrician you decide on must suit your schedule, spending budget, and standard of work expected. Whether the job contains new installations, adjusting existing wiring, or modernizing electrical systems, you need to check with your electrical contractor to find out if he sticks to the safety rules dictated by NEC. Many electrical contractors are well- informed with regards to any new modifications in the NEC standards.

You are in the right place!

Here on the Asset Electric Corp Team, there are well trained and licensed electricians who can help with the installation of the electrical panel. They provide services to both commercial and residential properties in the New York area.

Asset Electric Corp electricians have the responsibility to do research and guarantee clients about their conformance to relevant codes of the NEC and understanding about any new changes adopted and mandated by the guidelines of any local authority.

Please contact us to learn more about electrical code repairs and corrections for commercial locations in the NY area. We make sure that all of our commercial electrical work adheres to NEC standards.